Auf halber Treppe

A warm welcome to ”half way down the stairs”!
A warm welcome on your stairs!

We will visit you with our Café ”half way down the stairs” in the hallways of Berlin and invite neighbors for coffee and cake to give the opportunity for a chat.

Often it is the case that one doesn’t really know the people who live next door. You ask yourself if the lady in the apartment above may own a cake form you could borrow? Maybe she even needs help to do the groceries but is too shy to ask. 

We think that’s a real pity! That’s why we want to create connections – with our café ”half way down the stairs!
That café wanders from house to house and stays for a few hours in one place. It gives the chance to get to know each other in a relaxed atmosphere with a coffee and some cake. 

Here is the quick and easy 5 step recipe for a café on the landing:

  • Contact us by email or phone and fix a date!
  • We send you flyers and posters so inviting your neighbors to the event is a breeze.
  • On the day itself we come to your house with coffee and cake and everything else it takes to turn your staircase into a cosy and unique café.
  • We go from door to door and invite all your neighbors personally. We introduce people and initiate conversation and make sure that the coffee cups are always full.
  • Now you know who is living on the other side of the wall! You feel safer and more connected and collectively you can realize changes in your building. Not to forget about the nice you have afternoon with your neighbors and all that delicious cake!


Key people


Karoline Spring



Twitter: @KarolinaVesna

Skype: karowusel


Susanne Schleyer



Marie-Theres Welsch



Caroline Fischer



Karoline Ebel



Carlotta Elena Schulz