Borgerlyst – which translates as ”Civic Desire” – is a laboratory for civic agency. Agency is just a fancy word for the capacity to act and to change the world around you. We hope that by framing civic engagement and participation as a desire rather than a duty, people will be more likely to take positive action together, rather than just complaining whenever they come across something in need of improvement.

Whereas civic duty is all the obligations, rules and expectations that society forces upon you, civic desire is the feeling you get when you connect with others and feel a common urge to improve the world around you for the benefit of all. Every time you experience something in your life that also affects others in the same way, and you think “this could be a whole lot better”, you’re feeling that positive indignation, a civic urge. And when you succeed in realising such improvements, you will feel a little civic delight.

Borgerlyst as a project strives to build greater awareness around such civic desires, and make it easier for us as citizens to connect with others who share our civic desires and work to realise that desire together. We do so by constantly developing new frames that enhance the quality of coversations, free cross-pollination of ideas and the audacity to change. Most successfully through our conversation salons.





Key people

Nadja Pass



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Andreas Lloyd



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