One of the main actors in Juankoski is Juankoski Heritage Society, which works in close co-operation with with Juankoski Mental Health Association, Juankoski drama club and other voluntary groups in and around Juankoski. 

Most of our work has been aimed at preserving the rich cultural heritage of Juankoski foundry area, but we are also working on other community development and community awareness projects. To date, our biggest projects have been the building of a community garden as well as restoring a disused cemetery and restoring/preserving a culturally important building which also involved turning it into a semi-community house.

We have been actively involved in co-operation with Huntly near Aberdeen in Scotland and a group called Sdruzeni Splav which has been creating a community garden in Czech.
Currently a group of us are looking at the possibility of creating a community enterprise which would be responsible for future development of Juankoski.We try to be as inclusive as possible and if for whatever reason some people are unable to come to see what we are doing then we try and take our events to them. Over the years we have held events in sheltered housing facilities and childrens daycare centers.





email: a.atkinson1@gmail.com