Re-Bike ALTERmobility

ReBike ALTERmobility is a non-profit organisation with the goal to support and promote sustainable mobility in cities, particularly in the city of Rome, where we live (not to mention that we also live in Italy, as well as in Europe). It was founded in April 2013 by a group of four Re-Bikers from various parts of Europe, sharing the desire to do something “good” for the local community. A big part of the problems we see in today’s cities, especially in Rome, is the lack of a human-scale infrastructure where people can stay safely and pleasantly outside, and learn to ride their bicycles on the streets without the fear of cars and traffic. We want to change that reality. To do so, we currently work in the third and fifth municipality of Rome, where we are active in two political forums for mobility that we have helped to open up in these areas. 

We also organize Bike-to-School meetings every month, and bring our mobile bike kitchen to local markets and events, providing first-aid for bicycles and basic skills in bike repair and maintenance for their owners, as well as talking to people about the importance of urban cycling and sustainability in general. We are also implementing an educational project called “English Kitchen”, in which we give interactive English classes to elementary school students from disadvantaged areas of Rome, using the bicycle as a means to stimulate their learning motivation.




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