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Yhteismaa is a non-profit organization founded in 2012, specialized in new participatory city culture, co-creation and social movements. We plan and implement projects, events and services with a social meaning and create tools through which we all can fulfill our potential and affect the world around us. Yhteismaa has many projects going on and new ideas coming up all the time.… Read more →

Myllytulli-hanke Oulu

To set up a network of companies, citizens and 3rd sector activists to :•Myllytulli to become attractive culture neighbourhood•Promote Myllytulli to develop as an innovation environment where new innovation businesses and jobs will emerge   Facebook   Key people   Marjatta Halttu marjatta.halttu@fluente.fi +358 45 274 9090   Aija Saari aija.saari@fluente.fi +358 50 567 5216       Read more →


One of the main actors in Juankoski is Juankoski Heritage Society, which works in close co-operation with with Juankoski Mental Health Association, Juankoski drama club and other voluntary groups in and around Juankoski. Most of our work has been aimed at preserving the rich cultural heritage of Juankoski foundry area, but we are also working on other community development and community… Read more →

University of Helsinki

University of HelsinkiLieven Ameellieven.ameel@helsinki.fipostdoctoral researcherat the Department of Finnish, Finno-Ugrian and Scandinavian Studies.current research project: Narrating Jätkäsaari and Kalasatama, Helsinki.The Use and Structure of Narratives in Urban Redevelopment.website Frequent posts on city literature, urban narratives and ongoing researchco-founder and coordinator of the Helsinki Literature and the City Network  http://blogs.helsinki.fi/hlc-n/ list of publications and activities http://tuhat.halvi.helsinki.fi/portal/fi/person/ameel Read more →


Ecovala provides innovative solutions to private and public organisations to accelerate their transition towards sustainability.From companies sustainability assessment to strategic sustainable design, from new services definition to effective implementation of environmental management, Ecovala addresses the complete scope of sustainability challenges.Based in Finland, the organisation operates throughout Europe thanks to its extensive network of sustainability experts. Links: Website   Key people… Read more →


Artova is a non.profit NGO – a combination of a cultural and a neighbourhood association representing an area located in the borders of downtown Helsinki. There are apx. 10 000 people living in the represented area, a few thousand jobs, and 5 schools with emphasis on art. Artova has for the past 7 years strongly focused on supporting self-organized initiatives by both giving… Read more →